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OpenText Alchemy Workflow Automation

OpenText Document Workflow

Reduce the cost of managing document-centric business processes

Many of the documents you manage today drive core business processes and play central roles in executing transactions, supporting applications, qualifying business decisions, or triggering operations. The challenge is ensuring that those documents are shared with the right people at the right time so you can complete these processes on time and in accordance with the rules that govern your business.    

Manually managing document-driven processes dramatically increases the likelihood of mistakes and delays that can affect customers, partners and vendors. Implementing a document management system (DMS) will ensure that your documents becomes assets which reduce the time, cost and risk of doing business.

Alchemy filing software enables you to simplify and accelerate your document-centric business processes by structuring the way in which documents are routed around your organization. By routing documents through workflows to the right users at the right time, Alchemy makes it easy for those users to make business decisions (such as approving an invoice) and to record that decision with a mouse click. Alchemy can then route documents to the next step of decisions and actions, reducing the overall cycle time for business process management.  

Alchemy can further simply your business processes by automating decisions based on information extracted from particular documents.  For instance, Alchemy can check the value of an invoice and then route that invoice through the appropriate approval steps based on the amount or other values.


  • Smart routing: You can automatically route documents through workflows to the appropriate user(s) based on information contained within the document (e.g. Alchemy can extract the amount from the invoice and send it directly to the approval queue if the value is less than $100). Alchemy will notify users via e-mail when there are documents they need to work on.
  • Alerts, tracking, and document archiving: You can configure Alchemy to notify line-of-business managers or administrators when required documents are missing (e.g. an invoice is awaiting approval but the corresponding purchase order is not in the system). Alchemy records all user actions (e.g. Approve or Reject) in the document's metadata for easy reference. Action metadata can then determine the retention and disposition of the document, and all actions are logged and auditable.  

By deploying Alchemy, you will invest less time and fewer resources managing document-centric business processes. You can create, edit and manage simple document workflows without requiring expensive services engagements. You, your managers and your administrators will gain insight into how processes are managed and where opportunities to automate, accelerate or remove bottlenecks exist. Business decisions such as approvals and rejections are recorded automatically, providing greater operational transparency, and missing documents can be swiftly identified and replaced.


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