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FileBound Drive Windows Foldering

FileBound Drive

Mapped Drive Access to FileBound Content

FileBound Drive gives you direct easy access to your FileBound content using the computers window navigation, such as Windows Explorer, while maintaining the security and audit functions provided by storing your documents in FileBound.

Filebound Drive Mapped Access

Benefit: Users do not need to log into FileBound to access their documents. Users are able to navigate the folder structure on their computer, whether that is a PC or a Mac, to find and view their documents in it’s native application.

Use Case: Users were accustomed to navigating Windows directories to find their general documents before FileBound was implemented. This allows all content to be stored securely in FileBound but allow users to navigate to the content in ways that they are familiar with.

Specific Project Access

Filebound Drive Specific Project Access

The ease of access to FileBound content can be granted for only those projects that are most commonly accessed, requiring access to more highly regulated documents to be made using the normal FileBound web access.

Benefit: Allows easy, secure user access to only desired projects.

Use Case: A FileBound system contains a project for general documents and a project for contracts. Administrators can allow users to navigate to only the less sensitive general documents and require users to access the contracts through the FileBound interface.

Configurable Navigation

Filebound Drive Configurable Navigation

When using FileBound Drive, the drill down folder structure can be configured to fit the users logical search pattern.

Benefit: Allows administrators the ability to determine how users navigate to documents when using FileBound Drive.

Use Case: A new FileBound system is implemented and FileBound Drive enabled for the invoices project. User who are accustomed to looking for a vendor then an invoice number can maintain that structure as they search for a document to view.

Use Native Viewers

Filebound Drive Native Viewers

Content that is accessed using FileBound Drive uses the operating system’s associated application to open and view the content.

Benefit: Documents with special viewers open as they normally would when accessed from a computer’s directory.

Use Case: Businesses that have a high turn over of employees do not have to take extra time to train users on how to view content in FileBound. They are able to use applications that they are familiar with such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.


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