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Milwaukee Mailroom Automation

Milwaukee Mailroom Automation & PO Box Scanning

The faster your documents move into your processes, the faster they can be processed. It used to be that the post office would deliver the mail at some uncontrollable point in the day. That meant you might have had to wait almost a full day to get your mail, which included receiving, sorting, classifying and delivering the documents. After that, they could be managed.

The current business environment moves infinitely faster, and cannot wait for a slow delivery process. Our mailroom services dramatically reduce when you receive a document to when you can see it in your inbox.

Our document management services get the documents into your hands faster, enabling you to react to them on a much more timely basis. First, we will scan the documents as soon as they enter our office.

After they are scanned, our staff classifies and indexes these documents (sometimes automatically). This gets them into the right hands or processes faster. Instead of waiting days to see the document once inside your organization’s walls, the entire process now only takes hours. This enables better control over responsiveness to the document’s information, faster transaction speed and even better security.


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