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Milwaukee Document Scanning & Conversion Services

Milwaukee Document Scanning & Conversion

Organizations have paper in all shapes and sizes. How many file drawers do you have that contain:

  • Facilities drawings
  • Invoices
  • Employee files
  • Contracts
  • Corporate documents

Keeping these documents only in their paper format represents extra expense and risk. The expense is the cost of floor space, and all of the resources used to create them including copiers, toner and people. The risk is keeping things around that are not managed securely or should be destroyed.

Our clients utilize our services to reduce these costs and eliminate their risk by converting the documents into electronic files, and managing them using stable document management platforms.

We have decades of experience efficiently converting all kinds of paper documents into electronic formats. Whether it is an engineering drawing or a supplier invoice, our processes ensure that the document is scanned, indexed and tracked from when we pick it up to when we return it to you… or shred it (yep, we do that too).

Finally, we also have solutions to convert microfilm and microfiche into electronic formats.


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