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Document Capture

A key element to improving any standardized process is to be able to transform text on a page to data elements. This is accomplished with optical character recognition (OCR) software. Once the information is accurately pulled from the page, you can compare that information to the information in your existing systems, and have software make decisions rather than people. Human resourcesaccounting and contract management processes (to name the top three) benefit from advanced capture capabilities.

You reduce human error by having more direct data comparisons, resulting in a more accurate process, and eliminate moving paper in your organization.

As a leading provider of capture solutions, we understand how these systems operate, and can configure a solution to meet your needs. This includes pulling the information off the page with OCR technologies, and comparing that information to your existing systems. If the information matches, it flows through your processes. If not, workflow applications streamline exception management. Your staff spends less time doing the same action over and over, and spends more effort managing exceptions.


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